Save up to 75% on your annual health insurance spending

Nucare helps self-employed Canadians and small business owners maximize health care coverage while saving them money. Nucare takes a comprehensive look at your health benefit needs and design health plans that is optimized for your company.  Nucare’s expertise in customized health benefit plans enables clients to meet the health and well being of their employees without worrying about escalating insurance premium costs. If you’re looking to improve the health of your company and your employees while limiting costs, then contact a Nucare representative to find out how.

  • Flexible and customizable health care coverage
  • Minimize financial risk from potential runaway costs
  • Improve employee satisfaction by providing comprehensive health care coverage
  • Industry leading health care coverage
  • Only pay for what you and your employees use
  • 100% Tax deductible for the employer & 100% Tax free benefit for employees
  • Industry leading customer support
  • Our best customers have seen up to 60% savings by switching to Nucare
  • Expanded coverage for glasses, laser eye surgery, braces, dental work, and more!
Save Money
Some of our clients see savings in excess of 50%
Complete Coverage
Any health related service administered by a licensed health care provider is covered!
Fiscal Discipline
Never worry again about runaway healthcare costs
Join the list of delighted businesses who save every month with Nucare.
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